A Brief Introduction

Welcome to our blog,

Now, you are probably wondering what this blog you have stumbled on is, and, well, we will try to sum it up as effectively as possible. More or less its as if all we know here is fine dining…and breathing. But in all seriousness, various concerns have come to our attention, and we would like to not only share these concerns with you, but also attempt to give you our own interpretations of the matters.

Have you ever been watching you favorite tv show, say a nicktoon or something of similar nature, and wished you could pause and probe its intricacies a bit further? No? Well then I guess that’s what our job is. So bear with us as we take a closer look into some of our favorite shows of yore than anyone probably should. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you read here, and if not, then you obviously did not have a childhood. That or you were one of those nerds that preferred watching shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dave the Barbarian, and Redwall to classics like The Jersey, Brotherly Love, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, KaBlam! etc.

We’re all hoping you fall into the latter category and will express interest in our blog.

That all being said, keep practicing your Super McVarial 900s and we hope to see you all at Reptar on Ice.

~ The FDAB Team

“The Inner Machinations of My Mind Are An Enigma”


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