Top 5 TV Show Intros of Our Generation

This week we look into the best TV show intros from the Fine Dining and Breathing generation. Some of you may agree completely, and some may disagree and want to never read this blog again (please stay!). This list is my opinion, but just because I am more qualified and more in tune with the subject doesn’t mean that I am right (but like I am). So agree, disagree, I don’t care. Voice your opinions in the comment section. But without further ado, I give you said list.

Honorable Mention:

Saved By The Bell, Hey Arnold!, Cow and Chicken
These three make the honorable mention list because they are just too classic to discard completely. The Saved By The Bell intro is just everything that is good and pure about creating a show in the 90’s. Hey Arnold! is just a classic intro, setting you up perfectly for a classic episode. And I threw Cow and Chicken in the mix solely for the What The Hell? factor.

The Top 5

5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

“Alpha, Rita escaped. Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude!”

This could be the biggest biased pick on the whole list. I mean I loved this show, and used to tape them all the time on my VCR. It was just so cool, it sparked dreams for all of us. Honestly, who didn’t want to be Jason? Of course when Tommy came into the scene later everyone wanted to be him, duh, but the OG was Jason. So cool. And who didn’t wanna get with Kimberly on the reg? Plus having Zack as your cool black best friend was awesome too. Throw in the insane guitar in the background, and you have a phenomenal intro. Just so cool.

4. Spongebob Squarepants

“Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!”

People may argue this be higher, or maybe not even on the list. 4 works for me, because I think it sets us the show perfectly. The intro is nonsense. The episodes are nonsense. Everything about Spongebob is nonsense. Spongebob, possibly the greatest show ever created (future blog on that), has to make the list. It wouldn’t be as great if it had a lame intro. The creators opted for one that made zero sense, but I love it. Every time you heard “Ohhhhhhhhh!” you immediately came running to the television. Most of us sang along, except for the tough guys, but they were singing in their heads. Fantastic intro.

3. Rocket Power

“We are riders, on a mission, action kids in fun condition!”

Besides Spongebob, the theme for creating a great TV show intro focuses around being cool. And what was cooler than four friends being huge savages at extreme sports? These kids were cool before the X Games were cool. Plus Raymundo was cool, Tito was cool, and beating Lars at sports was cool. Add in a couple of turntable scratches, a sick beat and basically a highlight reel of the kids from Ocean Shores…BOOM sweet intro.

2. Kenan and Kel

“Everybody out there go run and tell your homeboys and homegirls its time for Kenan and Kel”

Yup. These guys got it right. They basically just threw a party at Universal Studios and let Coolio hop on the mic. I mean, Coolio just murders this track. This is just breaking down as best as these kids knew how. Hard to argue with two dudes kicking it extremely hard with a rap mogul. Throwing an ill rap down on the intro was (and probably still is) the way to go. Speaking of which…

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

If this intro did not pop into your head when you read the title, there is something wrong with you. If right now you do not know every single word to this song, there is something wrong with you. Any words that I could use to describe how perfect this intro is would do it a major injustice. An experienced blogger knows when to let the intro do its own talking. Perfection.


– Ya Boy


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