The Danville Economy. What Gives?

Many people have probably noticed that a lot of crazy stuff goes on in Danville, which leave many wondering where and how certain people receive funding for their various projects. We have two cases to consider here in looking at this anomaly.

THe first case is that of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz . We’re talking about a man who has dreams of taking over the entire Tri-State Area. Though he hasn’t succeeded yet, (except in alternate universes and timelines) he remains ever persistent. You’d think that getting foiled over and over again by a platypus might make one reconsider certain life choices, I mean they don’t do much. But no, the man is a dreamer. In some sense, he does have every right to be confident because every last Inator that he makes does work to his credit. But that is not hte issue at hand. I am wondering where this guy gets the money to build these absurd contraptions.

One possible theory is that the guy is just loaded. Perhaps he made a ton of money when he was younger, and is using all of that now for this use. This theory has a certain amount of ground when you consider that we’re talking about a man who chose to try to relocate Big Ben rather than buying a clock. He’s definitely got money, but that really doesn’t answer where it comes from. I disagree with this theory on a grand scale because he would certainly have a backstory relating to his successes. The other reason this fails to work for me, is that he is the runt of his family. No one appreciates him at all, and clearly power and success are of great importance to his family, judging by Roger Doofenshmirtz‘ career.

We are certainly aware of at least part of his income. And this is really embarrassing, Heinz, so my apologies for publicizing it. But it has been confirmed that his ex-wife gives him some sort of allowance. This is absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. Why would your ex-wife be subsidizing you to perform evil tasks to try to take over the Tri-State area? Well the answer is actually quite simple, she doesn’t know he is evil. How she missed that one, I am not sure at all, but that’s her own problem. This all makes you wonder what he is possibly telling her he needs money for if she is hooking him up THAT much. She’s clearly got some money floating around if she can toss that stuff out all willy-nilly. Perhaps that is an alimony of sorts though, that would make a little bit more sense. Though maybe deep down she truly does still love and care about him, after all she did keep the name and does attend family reunions. But that’s a topic for another time.

Let’s look now at Phineas and Ferb before we come to any conclusions here. These kids spend every day of summer making the most elaborate and ridiculous things ever. There’s no doubt that these kids are the local geniuses and are going to go on to do amazing things with their life. I’d like to see a Phineas and Ferb vs. Jimmy Neutron science battle. It would certainly be a close one. Though they might both lose to a baking soda volcano. Anyways, where are they getting the kind of money for this stuff? It’s one thing if they are investing in all of their goods, but most of the stuff they make gets destroyed or lost that same day and they seem to be okay with it. Money and trophies are clearly not of any importance to them. A lot of america’s youth receive an allowance of sorts, or payment for various chores etc. so this could be part of it. But no, I doubt that their parents are wealthy enough to give that big of an allowance. And even if they were, it doesn’t seem like they spoil the kids very much. They run various shows and have certain attractions that gather lots of attention and high attendance rates. They had an amazing roller coaster, and they had a haunted house, even a thumb-wrestling battle, and not to mention their own game show. One might guess that they get some funding here, but they never seem to charge money for this stuff, ever. Are they just smart shoppers? It is truly ridiculous. There is the thought that they raked in a good amount of dough from their career as PFT, but they had no record deal or anything, so that, again is doubtful. Plus they were busy making moves even before this happened.

Given all of these factors, plus the fact that Doof has countless different houses and buildings, none of them have real jobs, and no one knows where they could possibly be getting all of this money, all I can assume is that the economy of Danville is just amazing for their purposes. Look, there is no possible debate that Roger runs a tight ship. Everyone loves him. Maybe it is because he is saving the city millions and no one questions it. I’m giving the credit to Roger here definitely. If he wanted to run for president he’d have my vote certainly.

We will never know exactly what is going on here, but I hope that my analysis helped at least a little bit.

~Little Spoon

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