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Remember those kids in the days of yesteryear that you were like “holy shit their life is unreal and they are amazing at everything they do or touch“? Of course I am talking about the boys, and one girl, from Ocean Shores, California. Oswald “Otto” Rocket, Maurice “Twister” Rodriguez, Regina “Reggie” Rocket, and Sam “Squid” “Stonewall” Dullard were the biggest badasses to grace the world of extreme sport. They were doing work before Shaun White got lifted. They were setting up to be arguably the greatest athletes, I’d have to say ever. I mean with an absolute bosshog of a father (see: Raymundo) how could you not be completely epic? But it makes some people wonder what happened to these  potential-permeating progeny as time went on. Well we here on the FDAB Team sent some of our crew down to Ocean Shores to see what’s going on in each of their lives.

Otto Rocket:

This kid was nothing to mess with. He had some clear signs of early potential, and I know that everyone was wondering whether he would realize that potential to the fullest. We’re talking about a kid that was offered a sponsorship including a customized skateboard (The Otto 3ooo) at the age of 10. Otto was also on the cover of Gnarly Surf Magazine, beat Donnie Lightning in a skate off, and is the only known person to pull off the Super McVarial 900 (albeit by accident)–a trick that was deemed physically impossible. Talk about credentials. But what happened to this kid? Well, he was always a bit of a  rabble-rouser so it should come as no surprise that he didn’t take his talents to any of his high school sports teams. Otto instead decided to keep repping local surf and skate competitions, while hitting up the mountains in the winter months. When he turned 18 he made a big move to not go to college. Raymundo was in support of this move (because I mean, let’s be serious do you think he went to college?). Instead he moved right off to the Summer X games. He was favored to win pretty much every skate competition, but early on in the Skateboard Vert comp he straight tore his ACL. Oh it was terrible, no one could believe it, after everyone had been talking him up so much. It took him a while to recover, and when he was 20 he ran train on the winter X games, earning gold medals in the Ski and Snowboard superpipes. He is pretty much on par with everyone’s expectations, and rumor has it is that he tried out for the USA BMX squad for the 2012 Olympics. No word has been released yet on how that went, but with any bet, I’d expect to see that kid tearing London a new one, bringing Rocket Boards to the next level.


Twister was a different case from Otto. I mean, let’s not forget that he had arguable as much potential as any of the other kids, the man was a street luge god. Two things, though, stood in the way of Twister going anywhere athletically. First was that he always wanted to be a cinematographer. You must remember him always bringing the camera around, always being the one filming the others. It turns out that was his true passion, so he left the world of sports pretty much for that. Another thing is that around the age of 15, Otto and Twister had a huge beef. I feel like this was sort of in the works though, you could always see that something was in the mix, so to speak. They were always cheesin’  hard on each other. But the biggest thing that happened was that Twister started hanging around with Lars and his cronies, thinking they’re the shit and whatnot. They got big into the weed scene, which pissed Otto off because he was all straight-edge. Twister pulled a classic “fuck you guys, I’m outta here” ordeal, and the rest as they say is history. Twister is currently studying film at UVM, also tearing up them Green Mountains like no other. Also word has it that he is dating an absolute bombshell.


Sam “Stonewall” Dullard was always somewhat of an outcast in the group. He was late in the game to the extreme sports world, but they loved him none-the-less, everyone has that friend. But he found his niche as goalie, there’s no doubt about that. I mean even some bros from the NHL came down and asked to play a game with the man, the myth, the legend. He stayed pace with the group mostly through high school, but when they got more into partying, Sam wasn’t down to clown as it were. He made some other friends that he would play COD with and prestige like a billion times, that whole business. He played for the varsity team all through high school, starting at goalie all 4-years. He was all state Junior and Senior year as well. He is currently at Minnesota-Duluth on a full-ride studying Computer Science. Oh and did I mention that he was drafted by the Blues straight outta high school? Kid’s doin work.


Needless to say, Reg was always kind of the loner of the group. No one really talked about it, but it was the giant squid in the room. In middle school she started to realize this and got all girly girly on the gang. She soon realized that the popular girls weren’t all they were cracked out to be, and went back to sports. Giving herself that Olivia Wilde kind of appeal. It worked. Anyways she worked on the school newspaper, talkin about pertinent issues and whatnot. The Zine began to fail and she had to shut down shop, which was a big deal for her, and for the locals who wanted to know what was going on in the world of shoobies etc. She played volleyball in high school and was all-state all four years for varsity. One hundred percent, completely, badass. She is currently studying journalism at UC-Irvine, repping their volleyball squad. Look for her at the 2012 Olympics as well. Word on the street is that Kerri Walsh is going to have to step aside for Reg to team up with Misty May-Treanor (don’t quote me on that)

Raymundo still works at the Shore Shack with Tito, straight kickin it.

All in all I think we can all agree these kids (except Twister) are living life large. Invest in Rocket Boards, because after Otto and Reggie blow up in the 2012 Olympics, errabody gon’ be like “get me a piece of that magnificent cake” Knawmsayn?

~Little Spoon

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  1. grjheiug says:

    wow what a 90s kid

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