Amanda Please

When we were growing up, we were blessed two have two amazing sketch-comedy shows, both written and produced by television genius, Dan Schneider. Naturally you all know that I am talking about All That and The Amanda Show. This post is going to reflect on the latter show.

Amanda Bynes, what a comic goddess. Usually I am a firm believer that women simply are not funny ever, but I’ll give the okay to Amanda. Needless to say, She’s The Man. Starting off on All That at the humble age of 10, she killed it and was given her own show. What 13 year old child wouldn’t want their own show? That’s what I call winning at life.

Let’s look into some of Amanda’s finest skits on The Amanda Show:

Mr. Gullible:

This guy is hilarious. The concept behind this particular skit is a substitute teacher who never gets anything done, because he believes everything the students say. A sample encounter might go like this

Amanda: “Mr. Gullible, our usual teacher always starts class off by eating all of the chalk.”

Mr Gullible: “Really?”

The Whole Class: “Yeah, oh yeah”

Mr Gullible:”Well if that’s the way she does it, then I guess I should too.”

Pure gold. This prof is not a gulli-calf, he is a full fledged Gullible. A microcosm of what every kid hopes their substitute teacher will be. (That or you hope the sub is an absolute dime-piece) Rarely were either of those the case. (Honorable mention for unreal sub: Ned Shneeblee)

The Dare Show:

Drake and Amanda star in this segment as Toby and Sharon, respectively. Arrite, arrite, you might remember this segment as a dumb, empty one, but upon re-watching, I have picked up some silent gems in this skit. First, the dares on this show are CLASSIC nickelodeon, I mean, really does not get more classic than this in terms of choice of humor. Dared to eat Tobys hair? Dared to eat a whole jar of mayonnaise (From personal experience, I can assure you that is no easy task)

But more than that, Drake is pure gold in this skit. Peep him in the beginning of the following clip. I don’t know about you, but in my book he is straight killing it. This arguably isn’t Amanda’s best scene, but it sure beats the hell out of that Courtney nonsense.

Now those are just the pre-lims. Time for me to get into my true, biased, favorite skits from the entire show. These ones kill me EVERY time. I implore you to not love the following skits.

Tony Pajamas:

Drake and Josh spit pure fire on this one. True examples of how these kids were two of the funniest kids of all time. It is arguable that they suck now and are going nowhere with their lives (Josh especially) But as young’ns, they had this shit figured out. These skits generally consisted of some situation running normally, until you hear the classic iTalian music, and the bodyguards of Mr. Pajamas enter, followed by Mr. Pajamas himself and Paulie. Now, if you remember Tony was constantly correcting people on the proper pronunciation of his last name. Some of the best banter ever occurred betwixt Tony and Paulie, always resutling in Tony hitting Paulie “for being an idiot.” You can even throw Tony’s girl Candy (Amanda Bynes) into the equation of hilarity, because Amanda did kill it as well. Classic New York Italian what with the hairdo and all. Anywho, after about a minute and a half of awesomeness, Paulie would run over to the window and scream “Tony, its the Aldente Brothers! And they got (insert random object here). The scene then gets extremely dramatic and generally involves someone taking a metaphorical bullet for someone else. Too funny. Be sure to watch the clip below.

Moody’s Point:

Wow. Standing ovation right here. You get the classic Dawson’s Creek parody, pulled off in near perfect form. For starters, you got the Dad whose missing toe is the bane of everyone’s existence. Him not having a toe literally is ruining everyone’s life. You got Spalding who is so deep into the friend zone and whose antics do not help his case. Moody’s two best friends also add to the show. The one who always freaks out with catchphrases as “What’s that supposed to mean?” and “You’re so hurtful!” She gets kind of annoying, but it adds to the drama, maybe. Her other best friend…wow dime piece central. Seriously, quietly one of the hottest girls of our generation (I peeped her on IMDB, she fell off the map completely in case you were wondering, because I certainly was.) And then you have…


What a bosshog supreme. Frickin Grade-A Pimp Right here. Biggest badass ever. This kid defines and encapsulates everything that it means to be a heartthrob. We’re talking about perhaps the creepiest, most mysterious person ever. Kid always popping out from out of corner’s with exactly the right thing to say every time. How does he do it? No one will ever know.

(embedding was disable on this video, but you gotta click the link)

So there ya have it. I hope you at least watched the videos I provided in order to engage in some of the nostalgia. And if you’re anything like me that also means clicking all sorts of side links and really getting back in the game of old school Nickelodeon. Now these clearly aren’t all of the great Amanda Show skits, I barely even scraped the surface. Don’t think I forgot about the others, I just chose to write about these ones.

~Little Spoon

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