Top NBA Jersey’s of 1990’s

The 90’s gave us a lot of great things, but NBA jerseys are maybe the greatest gift. The way I see it, jerseys are be a big part, nay, the staple of a man’s wardrobe. A person my age, most like all of you readers, should have a solid rotation of jerseys, no questions asked. Nothing says “I’m dominating this particular affair on all levels” more than rocking a sick jersey. It goes without saying that when you have the best jersey out of anyone around you, you are the alpha male; ergo you’ll slay the most chicks.

One sick jersey won’t cut it these days. It’s kinda like how chicks can’t wear the same outfit twice in a row. A dude really shouldn’t be wearing the same jersey for every occasion that calls for such. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m definitely gonna notice that for every concert/beach day/outdoor drinking event, you rock the same jersey. Mix it up a little, please.

You can get by with 5 jerseys, I’d say that’s the minimum. Any less and your risking judgment from your peers. Personally, I go about 20 jerseys deep, but I’m a professional. Spending time on ebay searching for the best price on the best jersey is second nature to me. Not everyone can waste their days away doing this, so 5 will do for the novice jersey collector. For example, I have a buddy who only rocks a Rondo Oak Hill jersey. Fantastic jerz, but after 4 years of it being worn every time, its kinda like ok guy, I get it. The jersey inherently loses its value, so it’s important to switch things up.

Now I will run through the top jerseys you should be targeting. You can’t just go out and get any jersey you see, because it’s not just the fact that you are wearing a jersey, but also who you are wearing. Any old jersey will do, I guess, but if your bustin out something extra special, everyone’s giving you props and you are instantly known as “the man,” as the kids say.

I have a few criteria for picking out your jersey. The rarer, the better. For example, your Bulls MJ jersey is pretty sweet, but so is mine and every other kid who liked basketball in the 90’s. Also, the player of the jersey you have has to have some super sweet quality to him. Like, he wasn’t that great of a player but just absolutely slammed on anyone and everyone. Or, he was the shortest player ever, or one of the more memorable white guys to play the game. Finally, the jersey just has to scream 90’s. The NBA did a great job of this back in the day, so chances are if the dude played in the 90’s, his jersey followed suit.

With all that said, here are my top 5 jerseys from the 90’s:

(*-denotes appearance in Space Jam)

Honorable Mention: Shawn Kemp – Sonics, Rasheed Wallace – Blazers, Any Team USA/All Star game jersey, Steve Francis – Rockets

Charles Barkely* – Suns

Classic 90’s. Purple jersey, the old Suns logo shooting across the front. Sir Charles was the greatest 6’6 fat rebounder we’ve ever seen. What’s not to love here? He’s ridiculous as a person, and slams super hard without any regard for defenders or his teammates. Plus, this jersey is equally as sick in black, you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Larry Johnson* – Hornets

Grandmama balled HARD. He, along with Shawn Kemp, defined power dunking. LJ had zero remorse about punishing the rim with his dunks. You gotta love the teal jersey here with the stripes…just an unseen color these days. This jersey, much like Sir Charles’, looks just as sick in purple. This is a must have if whether you’re starting out or trying to expand your collection.

Penny Hardaway – Magic

Anfernee was just smooth. Once thought to challenge MJ for years to come, Penny Hardaway was derailed by injuries and never quite got there. But when he was on, the dude was on. One of the better players in the 90’s, a guy with a name like Penny could do no wrong. I’m actually pretty torn is to what is the better jersey, the light blue or the black with stripes. You can choose for yourself, but either choice is a guaranteed panty dropper.

Jason Williams – Kings

J-Will sneaks on this list for playing his first years in the late 90’s. I’m pretty sure Eboy was what every young white kid wanted to be. He had by the far the best handles in the league and made the craziest passes ever. A white kid with that much game and swag gave us all a little hope. This jersey is crazy good, mostly because it is pretty rare. I am more than willing to brag that I have this particular jersey, and have yet to see another dude rock it. If you’re serious about stepping up your jersey game, there is no question you need this jersey.

Mugsy Bouges* – Hornets

When you think 90’s basketball jerseys, Mugsys name has to be at the top of the list. This is arguably the best combo of rare, super sweet quality and classic 90’s out there. I really can’t think of a better jersey to wear in any situation. Rock the Bells concert? Mugsy. Beach day with the females? Mugsy. Drinking all day outside with your homies? Mugsy. This is basically the jersey to trump all jerseys. If some bropiece thinks he’s winning the jersey battle because he’s wearing his Reggie Miller Pacers jersey, think again. Mugsy’s in the house, and this brosefs girlfriend just dumped him to wait in line you get down and dirty with ya. When in doubt, go with Mugys Bouges on the Hornets. You really can’t lose.

If I missed any, just holler at the boy. I mean I definitely didn’t miss any, but I’ll appreciate the input.

– YB

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