Reunion Special: Cousin Skeeter

So it has recently come to our attention that it has been roughly 10 years since one of the better, shorter lived shows of our time came to an end. Cousin Skeeter was unfairly taken from us way too soon. It was gaining steam as one of the better urban shows around, easily beating out the likes of Proud Family, That’s So Raven and Little Bill, but still a far cry from Smart Guy and Fresh Prince. I would rank it just behind those two, which is great company.

However, what Cousin Skeeter has to its name is something none of the other shows can say. After Cousin Skeeter was canceled, the shows actors went on to wildly successful careers. They were all obviously saddened and angered by the cancellation, so they went out and dominated Hollywood in Cousin Skeet Skeet’s honor. We here at FDAB acquiesce that no other show has can boast as many successful alumni as this show.

To start, a little known fact is that the character of Cousin Skeeter was voiced by Bill Bellamy. He was already wildly famous, with appearances in Any Given Sunday, How to Be a Player, The Jamie Foxx Show and a little something called the Bill Bellamy show. Hilarious. After the cancelation, he went on to star in some less than stellar black people movies, but he was already a star, and after reaching the pinnacle of being the lead role in Cousin Skeeter, he went straight into cruise control. He has also been mentioned in many rap songs, so there is little doubt that he has “made it.” Bill Bellamy was not only the voice of this show, but the driving force as well.

This is the point where most shows drop off drastically in terms of talent, like how Will Smith was the only successful one after Fresh Prince, or how Little Bill only Bill Cosby and no one else. Cousin Skeeter, on the contrary, is just getting started.

The second lead, if you will, was Robert Ri’chard. Besides throwing a rouge apostrophe in the middle of his name, RR used Cousin Aw Skeet Skeet to launch his illustrious career. Not but 4 years after the show ended he went on to star in a fantastic movie called Coach Carter. It should come as no surprise that a Cousin Skeeter alum should co-star with Samuel L. Jackson, Ashanti and OH YEAH Channing Tatum. Other notable roles after the show include Meet the Browns (we all hate it, but I mean, good for him) and House of Wax, which starred ya girl Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert. You’re fooling yourself if you think he didn’t bang both of them on set.

The father in this highly touted television program is Marquette Alum Rondell Sheridan. After graduating from what some are now calling Hilarious Actor U, he bounced around before landing the role as Andre Walker, aka the Dad. Obviously he took full advantage of being part of such an amazing program, because he went on to star in two other successful shows as the dad. He even somehow emerged unscathed from the particularly controversial Nickelodeon to Disney switch. He starred in That’s So Raven and Corey in the House, two pretty decent shows except not really. But hey, he killed it. Even got a promotion cooking in the White House…sick.

Finally…What’s good Meagan Good?! Damn son, damn. Meagan Good is such a dimepiece its not even funny. She was 17 on Cousin Skeeter and already super-hot. She immediately started defending the show’s honor after its cancellation by giving the Famous Jett Jackson a classic case of the tent in the pants for a year. She made a few appearances here and there but then in 2005 showed up in Roll Bounce and made Bow Wow sing boner jams on set. She got other roles in movies like You Got Served (B2K got all hot and bothered by her) and Stomp the Yard. Finally, she emerged as a full on smokeshow in The Love Guru. Meagan Good, so hot right now.

Quite the lineup of Cousin Skeeter alumni, no? It had an all-star cast, classic 90’s theme song, and throw in the fact that Wikipedia claims that Skeeter was boys with Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman and MC Lyte and this show had it all. Cousin Skeeter is an all-out ladies’ man, but how can you not be when you’re surrounded by studs such as Robert Ri’chard and Meagan Good? Having a Marquette grad on set never hurts either.

In short, there aren’t any shows that combined this kind of star power all before their primes. Sure, one could argue Freaks and Geeks starring James Franco, Seth Rogan and Jason Segel has them beat, but I am simply just ignoring said argument. Plus it only lasted a year…so I mean….come on.

Cousin Skeeter wins.

~Ya Boy

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