An Easy Life: The Alex D. Linz Story

For those of you who don’t know, Alex D. Linz is currently a young adult who is simply living the dream. Some consider him a child prodigy, others purely an actor. I argue that Alex D. Linz is living the easy life and is just breezing through without a care in the world. Let me explain.

Mr. Linz got his start in the world of acting when, at age 4, he asked his mother to appear in TV commercials. Think about what you were doing at age 4…guarantee it wasn’t acting on camera. Unless of course you are Mary Kate and Ashley, in which case you two should both probably contact me. So, after being the cutest 4 year old on TV, he took to some scripted roles. Nothing too big, of course, he wanted to stay humble. He appeared on a few television series, mostly as someone’s kid, and just continued the whole “cute” vibe. Some notable roles that he was featured on were Boy Meets World, Tarzan, and Aaahh!! Real Monsters. Just a few little roles here and there, just casual. These were all when he was 6 years old, by the by.

When he was 8, he turned things up a notch. He gave Macaulay Culkin the boot and took over as the lead role in Home Alone 3. YB Roger Ebert proclaimed this movie to be the best of the bunch, so that’s pretty ballin. Then he took a few years off to stay humble, and when he was 12 he made major moves. He starred in some movie called “Race to Space,” alongside James Woods and a chimpanzee. Then he killed it as the lead in Max Keeble’s Big Move. What a classic movie! Alex D. Linz had officially made a name for himself, and now it was time to cruise.

He bounced around again for a few years, just doing minor roles to keep up appearances. 2 years later he starred in the best Jewish based basketball Disney Channel Original Movie ever created: Full-Court Miracle. FDAB already covered this thriller in an earlier post, so not much more needs to be said. After that he did a few more appearances and has been out of the game since 2007.

He is currently a student at UC-Berkley and part of an improv group. I can only imagine he is just slaying college. There is no way he doesn’t get any chick he wants. He’s also probably loaded seeing as he starred in some major films that did extremely well. Can’t you just see him chilling out at a party, with a few hot babes approaching him and saying, “hey aren’t you that kid from Max Keeble’s Big Move?” and Linz looks down at his solo cup, slowly looks up and says, “haha…yep. That’s me.” Just having girls eat out of his palms. (I could also see Josh Peck wanting to hang out with him at parties and Linz totally denying knowing him even though they starred in a movie together, so boss.)

So there ya have it. Alex D. Linz is doing Hollywood the right way. He’s in college and out of the spotlight, but still has the credentials and the money to do as he pleases. I’m sure once he graduates he’ll get back into the acting scene just get a little bit more cash, a little bit more to add to his resume and a ton more babes. If he plays his cards right, he just needs to show up every few years to keep his name in the game. I respect that big time – not trying to be the greatest of all time, just trying to live the easy life. And he is doing so, big time.

~ YB

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9 thoughts on “An Easy Life: The Alex D. Linz Story

  1. jessie says:

    I didnt no alex linz was on all those movie I just no him off of home alone but he is so adorable and is living a great life★

  2. Monica says:

    Did he graduate already?

  3. miracle fel says:

    i want see agein gash i like him so so so……much rly w’ll see him like was kid luv u alex

  4. joe momma says:

    he ruined the home alone movie franchise

  5. Cheryl S. Jones says:

    What a fantastic actor in the movie “Bruno” … he should have won an academy award for his role. What a talented boy.

  6. Alex says:

    This was a poorly written and nonsensical article lol.

    • JackieOMG says:


    • Frank says:

      Yes! It just praises him way too much. Linz was in 1 or 2 hits (I remember watching ‘Max Keeble’ but it was particularly forgettable), but you’d think he was the next Neil Patrick Harris the way this article was written.

      I particularly find this line so funny: “I could also see Josh Peck wanting to hang out with him at parties and Linz totally denying knowing him even though they starred in a movie together, so boss.”

      HAHA. What.

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