What’s All The Hubbub Puff?

Mrs Puff is Bikini Bottom’s most esteemed driving school instructors, probably due in part to her mission to never give up on a student. While this is very admirable and impressive, she has her share of shortcomings just like the rest of us. Her biggest of which appear in the time she finally gave Spongebob his driver’s license. Let’s implore.

As we are all aware, Spongebob Squarepants is the worst driver in probably the world. He is certainly the worst Mrs Puff has ever taught. So after many failed attempts to successfully succeed, Puff decides to offer Spongebob an extra credit assignment, which, if he does well enough, will earn him his driver’s license. Okay Mrs Pufff, I get it, I really do. You were sick and tired of Spongebob and wanted to get him out of your hands, but is this really the way to do it? We’re talking about a guy who crashes your boats and severely injures many people everytime he does the PRACTICE COURSE. And because you can’t handle his shenanigans you think the best course of action is to just say screw it and pass him? That is the most dangerous thing I have ever heard of. I mean if Sponge was a decent driver but found a way to barely fail every time, sure, slide the guy the piece of plastic, but this is ridiculous.

Furthermore, Mrs Puff didn’t even try to conceal what she was doing. To give the guy his boating license all he has to do is complete a 10 word sentence on what he learned in boating school? The man has already written an 800 word essay on what not to do at a stoplight and THIS is the extra credit? THEN after he fails to do that, you pass him anyways? Come on Puff, not cool. It begs the question, is this high school?

This is just the beginning. As if this wasn’t all bad enough, Puff continues to turn to theft. When Spongebob’s parents decide to buy him a brand new boatmobile (License Plate: IM RDY) I think Mrs. Puff knew that she had made a mistake. I think she realized that multiple people would probably be killed a result of this,, so she does the logical thing and decides to steal the boat? Okay Puff, what is this going to accomplish, huh? Assuming that you don’t get caught by Spongebob or the cops, and also assuming that you can safely get rid of the boatmobile, Spongebob can still drive. He is an independent man, about 35 years old, and has been waiting for this moment hfor several years, I’m pretty sure that he can buy another boat, or at least rent one or something. This action resolves nothing.

There are multiple ways Mrs. Puff could have avoided this fiasco. We’re talking about actions that are enough to probably land her in jail, shut down her boating school, or any number of events that personally afflict her. One, she could have nutted up and told Spongebob that he is the worst driver ever and that she would never be able to pass him (but that would result in her giving up on a student, souring her motto). She could also have told his parents that she was worried about Spongebob’s performance and explained her actions and you know, perhaps they could have worked towards some sort of middle ground. I’m no omniscient superwise being, but I think I know enough to say that Mrs Puff’s actions here were downright foolish, and they honestly cause me to question her legitimacy as a boating school instructor. She has a criminal background, and for some strange reason knows how to make pretty solid balloon animals, so who knows how many other people she let slide through the system or anything like that. Point is: Mrs. Puff, get it together bro before shit goes down in the most wrong of ways. Perfect example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

~Little Spoon

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