Girl Meets World….wait what?

So the Internet basically exploded the other day with the news that the creator of Boy Meets World is coming out with a new show, Girl Meets World, featuring Cory and Topanga as the parents. This obviously the biggest news of the last century, so of course your fearless leaders at FDAB are here to break it down.

The way I see it, this could go one of two ways. I’d say its ceiling is the second greatest sitcom series of all time (behind Boy Meets World, duh) and its floor is a mildly funny show that we don’t really watch, but when its on its like a really good commercial show. It won’t, nay  it  can’t, be a bad show. Teaming up Cory and Topanga in another show is bound for at least some success.

Obviously this show can’t be about all the old characters and what happened to their lives. Every other show that our moms watch are about people growing up and finding love and themselves and blah blah. We need a fresh take on Boy Meets World, which I believe Girl Meets World will deliver.

HOWEVER! It would be very wise of the creators to weave in the old characters and what they are up to. I mean, I assume this was how the show started. Can’t you see Michael Jacobs sitting alone in a dark room thinking of some way to get all the characters stories back? Finally, after like 12 years he’s got it. Enough time has passed so Cory and Topanga have a baby and boom, we’ve got some answers.

So with all that said, here are the most intriguing story lines that MUST be answered in Girl Meets World.

What happened to Plays With Squirrels?

This is the biggest mystery these eyes have ever seen. Bigger than the Chum Famine of ’59. I think its safe to say this was the one true reason Girl Meets World was made. We need to know how Eric transformed into Plays With Squirrels. If this story line is not included I just don’t know what I’ll do. But it won’t be good, I’ll say that much.

Did Shawn ever stop being a little whiny girl?

We can all agree that Shawn Hunter is the lamest tough guy around. Sure he grew up in a trailer park, didn’t have a dad who was there all the time, and wore a leather jacket. Get over it. I feel like the lame parts of the show were when Shawn was complaining that “he would never be successful like Cory” or that “Mr. Feeny hated him.” When he showed up as the original hipster at Feenys retirement, you knew not much had changed. I’d like to see this one play out for sure.

Is Morgan truly a fox we thought she would be?

If you recall, I wrote a piece a while back on how Disney got lucky over the years with casting girls young who turned out to be smokes. Kinda creepy, but effective. Now the big question is, will they cast the same actress? Because she’s kind of a fox right meow. But as you recall, she didn’t always play Morgan, so the producers won’t flinch to hire an even hotter babe. Anyone got an early prediction? I’ll put $100 on Kate Upton.

Will George Feeny make a return?

First off, the actor is still alive, so thats good news. Feeny always had a knack for getting teaching jobs wherever the kids academic journeys took them. No one will doubt that if Feeny wants to teach Little Topanga, he will make it happen. The question is if he wants to. For my money, this is the second best story line besides of course Plays With Squirrels.

Who will win the MFK game in the new series?

Again, if you recall back we put Topanga, Angela and Rachel into the battlefield of MFK. I made the controversial choice to marry Angela, and the most uncontroversial choice of all time by slaughtering Rachel. What will the new series bring us? My guess is that the producers actually did murder Rachel in real life, so there’s that. So really it comes down to how well Topanga plays the MILF role and whether or not Angela turned into a lesbian.

Did Minkus create the fictional version of Apple?

This would easily be the biggest twist of the series. Minkus returns as a billionaire Steve Jobs type who is just making it rain. I think my head would explode and this would certainly solidify the creators as the coolest guys ever. Given the fact that all major studio heads religiously read our blog, there’s a good chance this will happen. Minkus returns to the scene, you heard it here first.

For now, there is nothing to do but speculate. There is no date set yet, and really at this point it’s just a rumor. But I think the fact that internet blacked out for a few hours based on this news, they have to pull the trigger. UNDAPANTS!

~Ya Boy

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