What Was Your First CD?

First off…remember CDs? I mean, right? But anyways, everyone remembers their first big CD. I’m not talking about some christian rap cd that your mom got you because she was “the cool mom.” I’m talking that big CD that you were excited to tell your buddies and/or listen to non stop for the whole year. The CD that made your parents regret the $14.95 they shelled out for that god damn music. If you had any of these CDs you had a good childhood. More than 1? Pretty awesome. If you had all of these then lets become best friends.


Its no secret that FDAB fully supports the boy band era of the 90s. This CD was fire no matter how you slice it. I’m sure lots of our readers will act like tough guys and pretend they didn’t have it, but cmon. Looking back this wasn’t really a top to bottom club banger, but Tearin Up My Heart and Here We Go were enough to hold down all the tracks. Oh and what was that one song called….oh ya. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You = slow dance central.

P.S. if you had whatever the Backstreet Boys called their first album you were a certified chump. Hey Lil Spoon…you mad bro?

Space Jam

The best movie (?) of our generation deserves the best soundtrack. Putting a CD together with the likes of Coolio, Seal, R. Kelly, Busta Rhymes, B. Real, LL Cool J, Method Man, Quad City DJs, Barry White and Bugs Bunny is boarder line illegal. I Believe I Can Fly might be the most inspirational song of my childhood. And you better believe I was all about Hit Em High (The Monstars Anthem), which doubles as one of the best music videos from back in the day.

Who Let The Dogs Out

Anytime a CDs three best songs are all called Who Let The Dogs Out, you have a winner. The original mix plus the Remix and the Barking Mad Mix, sick. Couldn’t tell you any other tracks on this, but it didn’t matter. The larger point are two numbers. 14 and 20. 14 albums, 20 total members. Hey Wu Tang, you’ve been put on notice.

Bonus story: I was a kind older brother once and let Lil’ Spoon borrow this CD on a plane trip one time. Never saw it again, the retard left it on there. I was ashamed to show my face in school the next week. Shame…

Jock Jams (vol. 1)

You could talk me into Big Willie Style, but Jock Jams (vol. 1) was the ultimate pump up CD of the day. The 69 Boyz, Tag Team, Rob Base, Naughty by Nature AND the Village People? To paraphrase Barney Stinson, “A great pump up mix starts up, then goes up.” Plus Everybody Dance Now was the OG techno jam. Pure flames.

Big Willie Style

This is the only CD that has 3 songs on my top 15 songs of my childhood. Gettin Jiggy Wit It, Miami and Men In Black. Talk about crushing it. Obviously all of our readers know every lyric to all three of these songs. Throw in Just the Two of Us and we got an easy choice for first CD. I actually haven’t met a person born during 1988 – 1994 who didn’t own this CD.

Bonus: Gettin Jiggy Wit It was #1 on a chart called “Hot Rap Singles.” That’s the least surprising thing of all time.

For those of you keeping score at home, I had 4 of the 5 mentioned here (somehow Space Jam didn’t make into our house…). I’ll be taking best friend requests now…tweet as us and you might just win.

~Ya Boy

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